News on this year`s big issues
Russell Degnan

Political opportunism and transport seem to go hand in hand.

What exactly was the Federal Labor party thinking with this? Scare-mongering, not really a Federal responsibility, and not something you could stop anyway. But why not attack the government?

Robert Doyle thinks he's backed a winner too. No other party (including the Nats) thinks buying out the toll contract on the Scoresby is a good idea - a fair proportion of the remaining rabble he leads think its a bad idea. But he presses on, and why not?

Meanwhile, they ignore the bigger issues. Namely, that, as we've argued here many a time, a lack of political will - particularly through funding for infrastructure - is killing Melbourne 2030. I haven't commented on the Metropolitan Transport Plan yet; but I had occasion to read it today and it is embarrassingly bad, with little to suggest the government has really thought how to reach its various transportation targets.

Also transport related, the arguments over deepening the bay continue. More testing on the environmental effects is being interpreted despite the panel hearings being completed. However, regardless of the results; you'd be foolish to think the decision will be anything but political, especially with so many groups lobbying the government one way or another.

The arguments over the bay will likely continue for a while yet. For a government with an overwhelming parliamentary majority and no discernable opposition the Bracks government is incredibly weak-willed.

Sterner Matters 23rd February, 2005 23:02:20   [#]