Monday Melbourne: LXIV, March 2005
Russell Degnan

Mt. St. Leonard. In the Yarra Ranges National Park. Taken July 2003.

Melbourne Town 29th March, 2005 23:21:25   [#] 


Nice effort Russ
It's hard to get a nice photo of Australian mountain forests, but you've done well here. Mist does help.
Rob  29th March, 2005 23:50:12  

Yes, the mist helps a lot
The big trouble I have photographing trees - and it came up again over Easter when I was wandering near Bright - is the sharp contrasts between shaded areas and the sky/sunlit parts. Things come out washed out, or dark, or both as often as not.

No doubt there are ways to alleviate that but I don't know them. Dulling the contrast a bit on the digital image has pretty severe limitations.
Russ  30th March, 2005 11:45:31  

raw images
I believe that you can clean up a lot of this if you use a digital SLR and can play around with the raw image files, doing digital "dodge and burn".

It's still not easy to get a really good shot of eucalypt forest though; if you look at the professionals they usually take them on misty days, photograph rainforest patches rather than eucalypts, use water as a centerpiece for the photos; anything to avoid having trees with a blue sky as background.
Rob  30th March, 2005 11:51:17