For the benefit of motorists
Russell Degnan

A roundabout is an intersection.

A roundabout includes give way lines.

This is why roundabout signs look like give way signs.

At a give way line:

(2) The driver must give way to any vehicle or pedestrian at or near the give way sign or give way line.

Therefore could you please:
Kindly refrain from refusing to slow down when I am trying to cross at a roundabout.
Kindly refrain from beeping and gesturing at me when I am crossing at said roundabout.
Kindly learn the f$#@ing road rules.


Sterner Matters 31st March, 2005 19:46:03   [#] 


Wear a reflective vest and carry eggs?
Russ, what can I say? Did you capture your driver with your digital camera, and haunt them with notes on their wind shield saying "I know where you live, and I know how bad you drive?"
LbUrBnPl  22nd April, 2005 00:26:10