Is this the ugliest building in Melbourne?
Russell Degnan

"Too many of the world's chief buildings fail of one chief virtue - harmony; they are made up of a methodless mixture of the ugly and the beautiful; this is bad; it is confusing, it is unrestful. One has a sense of uneasiness, of distress, without knowing why. But one is calm before St. Mark, one is calm within it, one would be calm on top of it, calm in the cellar; for its details are masterfully ugly, no misplaced and impertinent beauties are intruded anywhere; and the consequent result is a grand harmonious whole, of soothing, entrancing, tranquilizing, soul-satisfying ugliness.
Mark Twain - A Tramp Abroad

Sure it doesn't address the street, has no windows, looks like a sunken, mono-coloured Rubik's cube, is probably a graffiti artist's wet dream, repulses with its little "No Standing" signs, and oddly placed not-cone, gives no indication of its function, or owner, or what you could even potentially use it for, is not likely to attract executives looking for corner offices, has no natural light inside (except maybe, the third floor), probably no natural air flows, and I can't imagine that it has much potential reuse value if whoever owns it can no longer use it.

But it is so beautifully balanced, and of such perfect scale, it really is harmoniously, wonderfully, ugly. I'll give it that.

Passing Fancy 31st March, 2005 21:13:03   [#] 


I dunno, at least this has the merits of being distinctively ugly, rather than the anonymous ugliness of the average Central Equity apartment complex...
Rob  1st April, 2005 12:33:20  

It could work
If you slapped your name on it and gave it a fancy name such as "mother cube" or "stupidity realised".

It'd be a conceptual art masterpiece then, and you could sell it for five times as much as you 'created' it for.

See, conceptual art isn't always a wank.
Tom  1st April, 2005 13:23:14  

The main question is:
What is the address of this montrosity?
Ray  3rd April, 2005 16:15:12  

It is on Bouverie St.
In Carlton, on the corner of Barkly Place. and just south of Lincoln Square.
Russ  3rd April, 2005 18:41:38  

This place would look awesome covered in graffitti or a mural.
BridgeGirl  8th April, 2005 15:47:35  

Do we know the purpose of the building?
What is the context of this building. The colour is not offensive to me. The built form and scale is odd. I cannot make an opinion without knowing its use though.
LbUrBnPl  22nd April, 2005 00:22:35  

No we don't
I have no idea what it is used for at all. Which, if anything, is its greatest flaw. The architecture should communicate what a building is used for. The context is Bouverie St. - south of Melbourne Uni, and Lincoln Square and surrounded by a mix of residential apartments and small businesses.
Russ  22nd April, 2005 17:30:03