Little Birdy - Big Big Love
Russell Degnan

There is something exceptional about the Perth music scene. It is as if, bereft of international, if not Autralian, touring bands, they collectively decided that if they wanted to hear decent music, they'd have to do it themselves. Add the general Australian female singer-songer writer renaissance to it and you get Katy Steele, and a very good album.

I honestly can't fault anything about it. The production is excellent, the cover art on the CD is excellent, the melodies are simple and catchy but evocative, and there are 12 songs and all of them are worth listening to. While Steele's vocals occasionally make her sound like a Kate Bsuh, but the general tone of the album is typically local. In other words, the sound of the local pub on a lazy Sunday. Rebecca's Empire or the Clouds come to mind, but Little Birdy are probably better than both of them,

Track Highlights
Beautiful To Me - Very country. Kasey Chambers even, but better.
Message to God - The most elaborate song on the album, slow and moody, leading into soaring vocals.
Losing You - The middle of this album is so strong. Frenetic and frantic at first but finishing sad and broken.
Close to You - Either the dodgy guitar solos or the breathy deep vocals make this track stand out. Since I like it I'll pick the latter.

Finer Things 15th April, 2005 00:01:16   [#]