A Public Service Announcement
Russell Degnan

It hardly seems like a year, but today the Melbourne International Animation Festival begins again. It runs until Sunday the 26th at ACMI (Fed Square) and comes highly recommended. Traditionally I go to every session I can manage, and while the schedule prohibits me from completing the full gamut, I will be there all evening till Friday, and all day, all weekend. Blogging will be light in the interim. If you are down there and know me say 'hi'; if you are down there and don't know me say 'hi' to random people; the regulars are sometimes freaky but generally nice.

For those wondering what to see, here is a brief, mostly useless guide, sorted by personality type:
The curious - International Program 1 - 21st@7pm, 22nd@6:30pm - Includes the short animated film Academy Award winner amongst others. Int.1's brethren, Int.2-6 will also be worthwhile.
The nerdy - Computer Animation Panorama - 23rd@8:30, 25th@4:30 - An always outstanding collection of cutting edge computer stuff.
The drugged - Digital Abstracte - 25th@8:30 - Films from museum installations. The first, Obras, is outstanding.
The shpants wearer - Long Shorts - 25th@8:30 - Too long to be shorts, too short to be...
The parochial - Australian Panorama - 25th@5pm - A collection of local films. Includes academy award nominee Birthday Boy.
The lover of anime - Wonderful Days - 24th@8, 25th@8:15 - Feature length has good write-up.
The insane - Eastern European Spotlight - 25th@1:30, 26th@1:45 - These films have to be seen to be believed. They defy understanding even then.
The lover of Disney 26th@3:30 - Ub Iwerks Retrospective - Mickey Mouse and other films by his inventor.
The caregiver - Kids' Session - 25th@11, 26th@11 - The kids session is often the most solid. Also the cheapest.
The impoverished - Student Animation Festival - 22nd@8:15, 23rd@6:30, 24th@6:30, 25th@6:30 - A fair chunk of all programs are students. I'm crushed to miss these because of clashes. $5 tickets.
The musical - Music Video Festival - 25th@5:30@Loop Bar - Free animated music videos. I will miss it, but you shouldn't.
The boring - Best of the Fest - 26th@8, 26th@10 - Ok, if you still don't know, try the Best-of. Traditionally, half the films I don't like, but it is generally a good session. Last year there were extra sessions because it sells out. Also, don't forget to clap after each film.

As the curator Malcolm always says, "you're in for a real treat".

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