Monday Melbourne: LXXXI, July 2005
Russell Degnan

The Metropolitan Hotel, North Melbourne. Taken July 2005

Melbourne Town 26th July, 2005 13:05:36   [#] 


The light looks great on the building in this photo.
BridgeGirl  27th July, 2005 11:06:50  

Monday Melbourne: IV, July 2005
that is a great pub. Especially the pub meals, as opposed to the still-excellent posh nosh.

Aw. Yeah.

Great site!
adam  2nd August, 2005 17:53:09  

thanks Adam
I haven't actually been inside the metro yet. I keep meaning to, but there are about 6 pubs closer to my house that get in the way. Such is life in North Melbourne.
Russ  2nd August, 2005 20:06:23