The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
Metropolitan Hotel
Russell Degnan

42 Courtney St. North Melbourne
(corner of Courtney and Blackwood Streets)

A little further up Courtney Street in the old Melbourne Meat Market is the Metropolitan Hotel. A bit over a year ago (I think it was) this place had a bit of a makeover, putting in a dining area out back, while retaining the front bar more or less as it was. They promise a fireplace out back but I didn't take a long look. The front bar however is a charmingly small area, with a half dozen tables for eating or drinking on, a couch - replete with bookworm - and a narrow area where the assorted patrons gather.

The bar itself has a lot of wine bottles for a pub, which gives a good indication of their current focus, although the patrons are an eclectic lot and it would be a stretch to call them wine-drinkers. Tuesday dinner is $12 steak night, so it should come as no surprise that that is what I had. Normally I am not big on steaks - I've had some bad ones elsewhere - but this was perfectly done (medium-rare) with a nice gravy, spinach and capsicum on top, and good mash underneath. The quantities weren't huge and some vegetables and more mash wouldn't have gone astray but it is an outstanding dish for the price. The rest of the menu looks good, at a higher price, but apparently worth checking out.

The short: A cozy front bar in a quality establishment

Next week: The Keeper Arms (corner of Peel and Queensberry Streets).

Melbourne Town 10th August, 2005 23:06:10   [#] 


Wine was OK too..
I should add for the benefit of the alcoholics out there that the wine was pretty decent as well, with five reds and five whites by the glass. BridgeGirl and I had a decent shiraz vigionier.
Rob  10th August, 2005 23:11:29  

I thought the steak was enormous and delicious. Perhaps I'm becoming a carnivore, but I thought there was sufficient veg, probably because it was so saucy.

The wine was good too - helped me after a tough day dealing with pesky real estate agents who want to sell the property I have just moved into! How rude.

The company at dinner also helped. I liked the ambience of the pub. The tables are cosy and the staff were friendly without being annoying or pushy.
BridgeGirl  11th August, 2005 12:36:29