Never Better - Lazy Susan
Russell Degnan

How to describe Lazy Susan without being unintentionally harsh? Saccharine pub band comes to mind, as does typically Australian indy band, mired in the late 90's. I haven't actually got their first album, but I had heard enough mentions of them to have high hopes for this one. The sound is a bit reminiscent of New Zealand band, Zed, or Brisbane band, Rhubarb; listenable, but lacking something.

The album has only two paces. Each pace consistent across the songs: slow like on Holding On, or the title track Never Better, and a steady medium on almost everything else. Unfortunately such monotonous rythym blends into itself after a while, much as I see this album blending into the rest of my collection. Having said that, there aren't any bad songs on the album either, so it is worth a listen.

Track Highlights
Sometimes - The upbeat opening track, danceable but suffering from a misplaced brass section and guitar solo.
Never Better - The most interesting song. Certainly the one with the most going on.
I Will - A nicely structured song, starts slow, builds up to a falseto.
Why Don't We Just Call It a Night - The last and probably best song on the album.

Finer Things 15th August, 2005 18:19:16   [#]