Monday Melbourne: LXXXV, August 2005
Russell Degnan

The GPO. A new shopping area, in an old building. Taken July 2005

Melbourne Town 22nd August, 2005 19:47:59   [#] 


Did you see the Rodin miniature exhibition at the GPO recently? There were some beauties.
BridgeGirl  23rd August, 2005 11:37:20  

Nice one Russ
Did you flatten the contrast on this one?
Rob M  24th August, 2005 17:53:47  

No and no.
BridgeGirl, no I didn't. Alas, but I don't go through the GPO much. Mostly because it is a detour, unlike the central laneways.

Rob, also no. This one (unlike the others) was left "as is". The GPO is generally brighter than the picture but I prefer it like that.
Russ  24th August, 2005 19:34:49