The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
The Three Crowns Hotel
Russell Degnan

365 Victoria St West Melbourne
(Corner of Victoria and Errol Streets)

Traditional is the first word that comes to mind for the Three Crowns Hotel. Straight up and down decor, round tables and stools in a not particularly large front bar, and sit-down restaurant tables out the back. It has a small functional area and a nothing zone where we sat to avoid the ongoing trivia night, and because of the absence of an available table. Needless to say, it has lots of old barflys and rock steady Carlton on tap. It is the sort of place that wouldn't surprise you if it still had rooms to sleep in.

Needless to say, the food was similarly standard. On Tuesdays everything on the bar menu is $10 so I picked out the rissoles. They were tasty, solid in quantity, but a little bland. If pub food had moved on in the past decade then the Three Crowns remains a stalwart reminder of the times when a pub was literally a public house, serving food you would otherwise have at home. It was nothing to scoff at though, and it came quickly given the crowd in the front room.

It is actually worth going in there just to check the map on the wall showing old North Melbourne pubs. All ninety-one of them!

The short: Quintessential place for a quiet one.

Next week: The Town Hall Hotel (Errol Street, north of Victoria Street).

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