The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
The Town Hall Hotel
Russell Degnan

33 Errol St, North Melbourne
(Errol Street, north of Victoria Street)

Nestled in the main shopping strip between assorted other eateries, the Town Hall is a small gem of a place. Even narrower than it seems at first glance because of the adjoining laneway that takes you down the back; the ugly blue colour of its unappealing street-front hides the best alternative pub in North Melbourne -- if not the only alternative pub in North Melbourne.

The town hall is full of mostly young regulars who pop in for a meal, to listen to music, or just hang out. The music though can vary: 80s throwback metalheads fit right in, as do your listeners of indy bands, of urban grooves, and 90s grunge. It is worth going in just to check out the walls of the dark and charming front-bar, but it is the back area that really gives the town hall its character. Nothing more exotic than a few tables in a narrow couple of rooms with a big unused fireplace, a small bar, and a staircase to the where the residents are. But it exudes a cosy, friendly atmosphere that makes you want to hang round and read or chit-chat.

The food is pretty good, both for value and taste, and it may be one of the few pubs in Melbourne that has a bit of variety when it comes to vegetarian meals. I couldn't go past the $15 roast special though, and it arrived as an enormous pile of meat and vegetables with a rich thick gravy. Given its a pub that stays open late, has good priced drinks, and all sorts of interesting happenings (Sumo nights anyone?) it is a place I have no excuse for not heading down to more often than I do.

The short: For the young at heart.

Next week: The Court House Hotel (Corner Errol and Queensberry Street).

Melbourne Town 7th September, 2005 23:19:16   [#] 


Lentil pie
I recommend the lentil shepherd's pie, which comes with salad... yum... even topped with cheese, which is a winner in my book!
BridgeGirl  8th September, 2005 10:35:31  

Roo fillets
The roo fillets were quite nice also. The serving was very ample, the roo was quite well cooked, and the sauce was tasty (if very thick) and the accompanying vegetables were fine. Good effort all round for the money.
Rob  9th September, 2005 12:50:50  

The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
The Town Hall Hotel

hey, =) i'm an urban planning student from melbourne uni and chanced upon your blog 1 fine day. really good stuff you got here dude. i live on leveson street, just parallel to errol.. great recommendations!
ching  9th September, 2005 18:41:51  

Cheers Ching. If you are looking for planning specific things, can I also recommend my other blog, Civil Pandemonium
Russ  10th September, 2005 19:29:08  

The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
The Town Hall Hotel

awesome! thanks mate =) i've only started to read your blog recently. are you working on or studying any urban planning related stuff?
ching  11th September, 2005 22:25:53  

Myself and the other contributors to the site are studying planning at RMIT (and working in some capacity).
Russ  12th September, 2005 00:32:40