The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
The Court House Hotel
Russell Degnan

86 Errol St, North Melbourne
(Corner of Errol and Queensberry Street)

The first unusual feature of the Court House hotel is that unlike every building in the near vicinity it is not of the Victorian era. Instead it is art-deco in style with intriguing but dated lettering and higher but wider windows. The interior is more typical, with a lot of solid polished wood on a long bar that stretches around from the back bar to the restaurant. Each room is as different to the other as could be. The back bar, full of couches and smoke; the front bar, small tables, a lot of stools and customers; the restaurant for proper dining.

The clientele is older, which explains its status as a former 3AW pub of the year, and seemed to be predominately after a quiet beer after work. It is not a bad place for it, the beer selection ranged from Dogbolter and Bohemian Pilsner to the hand-pumped Matilda Bay Bitter. Things are more problematic on the meal front. The restaurant is not cheap, while the bar menu is cheaper but a little spent for choice. Sparse maybe, but it is good. I had the fish and chips, while others tucked into the sausages. Both were outstanding, if a little small. The fish tender, light and sweet. The chips crisp and even.

The short: For discerning beer drinkers.

Next week: A break. Then the Limerick Castle Hotel (Corner Errol and Arden Street).

Melbourne Town 14th September, 2005 18:48:22   [#] 


Lamb pie
The lamb vegetable pie was ok, but a little runny. The ramekin was small and there was a significant gap between the pastry and the filling below. The side salad was light, but being a stodgy German girl, I needed more. Perhaps some wedges or spicy semolina?
BridgeGirl  15th September, 2005 11:10:20