General Theory of Searches
Russell Degnan

It's well known already that most google searches are executed by deviants and miscreants; that the mere mention of porn, nudity, or sex on your blog can result in an endless flurry of hits from members of the community with disturbing fetishes (or people playing a funky game I'm not aware of).

What I'm beginning to realise is that this is not unique to the online world.

The more you walk, the more you are asked for directions. When, years ago, while outside Melbourne University, I was asked by a couple of friendly Americans where the closest strip joint was, I thought it was unusual. Imagine asking for that?

Nowadays it seems perfectly normal. The youth hostel might be the most popular destination around North Melbourne, but the casino, the local TAB, bars, strip joints and drugs come a close second. For a while I blamed the long black coat. It looks a little seedy.

This morning though, a guy nods at me while I was in Flagstaff Gardens, on the way to work and looking (by my standards) highly respectable.

"Excuse me", he says. "Do you know where I can get some speed?"

Ok. Maybe I looked a little tired. But not that tired.

I pointed him on his way. He was from Sydney and a bit disoriented, but he should be able to find something. It's the least we can do.

Passing Fancy 16th September, 2005 19:19:19   [#] 


It's the black...
Everytime I walk up Bourke St, some miscreant asks me if I'm selling . I reply no, and point them to the arcades. It's the least I can do.
Citizen #381277  16th September, 2005 20:38:55  

General Theory of Searches
In a scene from Pizza, I and two friends were asked by an efnic in a holden if we knew where he could get some eckys.

Also during a graveyard radio stint we were rung up and asked if we could put on some ecky music.
miscreant  17th September, 2005 22:31:56