The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
The Limerick Castle Hotel
Russell Degnan

161 Errol St North Melbourne
(Corner of Errol and Arden Street)

Rob referred to this pub as 'unreconstructed' and it is as good a description as any. Although the exterior is excellent, its position on a busy street and the TAB means it will never attract the kind-of gentrifying clientele most of North Melbourne's other pubs have drifted towards. Instead, the front bar has a collection of older, friendlier and louder patrons who almost certainly pop in on a nightly basis. Through the long and narrow front bar then to the tables out the back, where things are quieter, but equally as functional.

The meals are solidly traditional. A full plate, nicely cooked and not too expensive. The roast lamb and vegies was good without trying to be any better than that. The rest of the menu was quite extensive and similar to what you'd expect from a pub -- by contrast with a few pubs which weren't -- veal and chicken parmas, fish, assorted pastas, and so forth. The lunches are especially cheap too. If only it were more comfortable.

The short: For traditionalists, smokers and gamblers.

Next week: My local. The Albion Hotel (Corner Curzon and Haines Street).

Melbourne Town 29th September, 2005 17:19:18   [#] 


Like the Tallangatta Pub
The place reminds me very much of my old hometown pub, Tallangatta Hotel; old carpet, with beer that comes in two varieties; super and unleaded, and a menu that hasn't changed in 30 years. All power to it, I suppose. But I could do without the wafting malodor of old men's tobacco...
Robert Merkel  29th September, 2005 23:22:21  

I wouldn't bother...
I wouldn't bother with the Albion next week. Ever since that shortly rotund cunt has taken over, the parmas are shithouse, the beer is more expensive and the clientele has dropped off. I don't even know why I still drink there really. $10 for a parma and a pot is all well and good, but when the parma looks like roadkill with cheese on top and the beer tastes like week old piss, there is little incentive to go back.

In short: a glorified bottleshop that continues to see my hard earned cash by virtue of it being across the street.
Citizen #381277  30th September, 2005 00:05:04  

Can't say that I know what week-old-piss tastes like, but I'm sure it is not good. Do they have anything other than parma. It's ok, but I prefer a steak (unless it is week-old-roadkill) or fish & chips (unless it is shark and week-old-soggy potato mash).
BridgeGirl  30th September, 2005 12:51:49