The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
The Albion Hotel
Russell Degnan

171 Curzon St, North Melbourne
(Corner of Curzon and Haines Street)

Very much away from North Melbourne's busier areas -- at least for pedestrians -- the Albion is the consumate local with a little bit for everybody: wood panelling and couches vie with bog-standard tables and bar stools near external windows, there is a piano, a pool table, a buckhunter, a giant tv screen, and formerly a trivia night. Being practically across the street, it was almost like an extension of the lounge-room (except I never read nor study in the lounge but I do at the pub); or maybe the dining room, since the cheap, filling food and beverages are pretty tempting when you don't feel like cooking.

Then, a month ago, it all changed. Well, not all, the decor is essentially the same, but the ownership changed, and the bar-tenders changed, and all the regulars disappeared to be replaced by others (which was frankly a bit weird). Theoretically it doesn't change very much, because it is still close and comfortable, and the food is still cheap and filling, and new publican gets friendlier every time I go in. He even smiled last time.

Except it is kind-of like when the neighbours move out -- the neighbours you talk to that is, not the ones you never see who don't even nod when they see you. More importantly, the food is not what it was. The bangers and mash I had were sort-of lumpy and a bit cold; the ($10 + pot) parmas are too oily regardless of their size and value. Still a good pub: the new neighbours seem ok, but their dog doesn't like you and their mum can't cook. If I was that kind of blogger this would become an epic saga... it still might.

The short: For locals

Next week: The Redback Brewery (Corner Villiers Street and Flemington Road).

Melbourne Town 5th October, 2005 18:31:20   [#] 


The Albion's Ex-Publican
G'day Rusty,
Stumbled across this website completely by accident and was pleasantly surprised. Thankyou for the kind words regarding our brief but enjoyable tenancy at the A. Must admit I have wondered what has been happening since our departure, but life has been busy with neccessities like work and other such crap I haven't really had the chance to catch up with anyone. Life is treating both Sarah and I very well and we have both landed on our feet and are looking forward to taking full advantage of our new lifestyle. Do I miss mucking out the dunnies at 2am? Hell no! Do I miss the quiet beers after work with the locals? You bet. Take care all, I will return to survey my lost empire at some point and if it hasn't gone completely to the dogs maybe i'll be able to have an ale with you all. Cheers, Craig.
You know who...  10th October, 2005 17:50:04