Monday Melbourne: XCII, October 2005
Russell Degnan

These are my grounds. The McAlister and Ryder Ovals. Taken November 2002 when the poplars, art-deco changerooms and caretaker's cottage were around to make it charming.

Melbourne Town 10th October, 2005 18:32:28   [#] 


Fairy floss
The clouds in the sky are just like (vanilla) fairy floss. It's very effective against the dark trees.
BridgeGirl  11th October, 2005 12:19:08  

What happened?
Geez Russ - am I reading your results right? 21 wickets in a day? And none for you by the looks.
Bruce  17th October, 2005 17:32:46  

Yep, that's be right
Some bright spark decided to scour our pitch. Looked like a chequerboard. Swung early but the ball was destroyed after about 8 overs, then it mostly stayed low. But, yeah, poor batting for the most part. I'd like to say not good enough to get edges but I might be deceiving myself.

We can actually win next week but I'm not sure if I'll be fit. I hit my ankle playing a shot and seem to have chipped the bone.
Russ  17th October, 2005 17:50:07