The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
Redback Brewery
Russell Degnan

75 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne
(Corner Villiers Street and Flemington Road)

The redback is a pub just begging to be opened out onto the street. Because it is so big, the restaurant is well to the rear, afoording a very large, wooden, front area with tall windows on each side. Given North Melbourne's pubs tend not to have beer gardens, the Redback might be your next best bet to catch a summer breeze. The other advantage of the big front bar is live music over the weekend, when the tables are cleared out for a dance floor, and is a great place for a trivia night -- which admittedly makes up almost every attendance I've ever had at the Redback -- in both the upstairs function area and downstairs (Thursdays).

But we were there for the food of course. The menu is diverse and slightly above average price-wise, with a predilection for seafood on the specials board. However, I couldn't go past the sight of a large and inviting parma. The chips were fantastic, perfectly cooked, lots of crispy bits, the salad no more or less than you'd expect, and the parma not bad. Not great though, the sauce was good, but the chicken a little bit thin leaving too much cheese. Good, not great, but good.

The short: For event organisers

Next week: The Village Idiot (Corner Blackwood Street and Flemington Road).

Melbourne Town 15th October, 2005 10:38:20   [#] 


You could open the Redback out on to Villiers Street, but Flemington road might be a little busy and smelly for outdoor eating.

A roof garden would be great, but I imagine tables and chairs are more likely to attract the passer by than giggle from the roof.
Pub-Grub-Appreciation-Society Member  17th October, 2005 10:02:49