Monday Melbourne: XCIII, October 2005
Russell Degnan

The picket fence of the University Ground, with Ormond college in the background. Taken July 2004

Melbourne Town 18th October, 2005 11:51:40   [#] 


This picture takes me back to a walk with Rosemary across this lawn. We carried a bottle of Muscat to a college boy's room (she was chasing him at the time). We had discussed Muscat after Economics class that week and decided to surprise him by turning up at his room with a bottle. It was lots of fun scheming up this plan and drinking the Muscat, but during the course of the conversation we discovered he had a girlfriend! Despite our disappointment, I have always felt a sense of excitement at the prospect of a walk across the grass carrying a bottle of Muscat!
BridgeGirl  18th October, 2005 12:04:36