The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
The Village Idiot
Russell Degnan

17 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne
(Corner Blackwood Street and Flemington Road)

Ok, I forgot a pub, or got them confused, or whatever. Why do pubs continue to rename themselves, couldn't the Bedofrd have stayed the Turf Club, and the Village Idiot the Chifley, thereby respecting the heritage of such fine old establishments? No matter. This place is a bit of a hidden gem, quiet, not large, with an upper and lower area, a piano and the classy carpet and decor of an old saloon. Paintings and honour boards dot the walls, the seats are comfy, and the couches looked comfy. There was a big screen tv too, looking vaguely out of place.

And the drinks and food are very, very cheap. By any measure they are cheap, catering for an RMIT student set that doesn't seem to have materialised yet, everything on the menu is under $10. Takign the cook's recommendation seemed wise after the experience at the Leveson, so we went the burger and chips ($5!). The chips were good, but needed a dip or something, the burger tasty, but thin (I should add I have had bad experiences with pub burgers in general). It was filling though, and at that price you cannot complain.

The short: For poor but discerning students

Next week: The Bedford Hotel (Corner Peel Street and Flemington Road). (no, really).

Melbourne Town 22nd October, 2005 00:10:06   [#]