The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
The Bedford Hotel
Russell Degnan

1 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne
(Corner Peel Street and Flemington Road)

After last week's aborted effort it was with some anticipation we made our way to the Bedford. Even though I hadn't been there since it changed from the not-so-good Turf Club I'd heard good things; for starters, the meals on Mondays and Tuesdays are $10. First impressions were good, regulars on the bar are a good sign, the bartender was cheery, and there was a large mix of college students in for a cheap meal. I found a nice couch near the pool table to read in the flickering light of a candle.

Out the back lay a larger restaurant area and beer garden, but we confined ourselves in the copious spaces near the old church altar when it was time for dinner. The meals were good. I can't resist a cheap roast, even pork, and while the potatoes could have done for a little longer, the meat was copious and well gravied.

The Bedford comes across as a place with lots of potential and atmosphere on a weekend. Drivers are advised to watch for drunk kids crossing the adjacent Roundabout of Death late on. At other times the couches and music make it a nice place to just be.

The short: A place to hang out or go out

Next week: The Royal Park (Corner Howard and Queensberry Street) (If it's open!).

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