The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
Royal Park Hotel
Russell Degnan

399 Queensberry St, North Melbourne
(Corner Queensberry and Howard Street)

Melbourne Cup Day beign a decidedly bad day to try and get a meal, it was a trepidatious second -- or is this the third -- attempt at the Royal Park. The first was aborted because it used to be closed on a Tuesday. Under new management now, and open, last week we were greeted with a closed kitchen and Eye of the Tiger, neither of which are positive signs. However, they promised they'd have the kitchen open, and I promised we'd be back. This time it was completely different.

The music had been replaced by the big screen tv, the bartender by the publican's family, as he leant across the bar. The rest of the bar was unchanged, poll table and assorted games machines in the main room, a tight front bar, and a courtyard out the back. It's a sporting kind of place; traditional, but in a typically modern pub manner. They are still finding their way a little I think, but it was a friendly welcome.

The meals are of a standard price, but I think there are Monday specials. I went for the parma, as one does, which was a little different. The chips were closer to the sort you expect in a fish and chip shop, thick and full of oil. The parma was solid, but hardly seemed to have any sauce, making it more akin to a schnitzel with cheese. It was nice though, and the salad wasn't bad, which means, for once, I cleaned my plate.

The short: Not sure. Perhaps you should see for yourself.

Next week: The Victoria Hotel (Corner Peel and Victoria Street)

Melbourne Town 9th November, 2005 21:36:05   [#]