The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
Hotel Spencer
Russell Degnan

475 Spencer St, West Melbourne
(Corner Rosslyn and Spencer Street)

Having last week walked the up and down Victoria Street not finding a pub willing to serve us a meal, this week was a pleasant return to form. The Spencer barely rates as North Melbourne, but couldn't be missed given what I knew about the quality of its meals, and the enticement of its Monday and Tuesday specials -- standard pub fare for $11. The Spencer seems to attract an older crowd of drinkers, businessmen and a few families in the spacious front bar; girls on a night out in the restaurant area at the back. The decor is polite and classy if conventional: solid colours, lots of wood in the bar and floor. The service above what you'd expect normally.

Given the market they are aiming at, it shouldn't be a surprise that the extensive wine-list and menu is good as well. The standard pub meals are outstanding without quite heading into gastro-pub territory. I had the pie, with mash and vegies; the size was good without goign overboard, the pastry was obscenely well puffed, the insides tasty with good solid chunks, although it would be better if the gravy was a bit thicker. Others can rate the parmas and fish but they looked pretty good from adjacent seats.

The short: For a good to very good meal.

Next week: Another gap for a fortnight then the Royal Mail (Corner Stanley and Spencer Street)

Melbourne Town 25th November, 2005 00:16:46   [#] 


In the red
I particularly like the red walls in this pub. They have a nice wine selection and who can beat a $11 meal?! The barman lets you run a tab, so there is no fund exchange until the end. Serious people as well as free-spirits enjoy the fare.
BridgeGirl  28th November, 2005 14:29:38  

Parmas were good...
The parma was not up to Leveson's standards, but quite good, and this pub had the bonus of Mountain Goat Hightail ale on tap. Oh, and if you want to spot footy journalists it's not a bad place to go either...

Good all round.
Rob  28th November, 2005 16:20:09