Gastronomic Pub Crawl: Euroa Edition
Russell Degnan

Seven Creeks Hotel
Hume Hwy, Euroa

Seeing as we were outside North Melbourne on Tuesday, dinner was to be had elsewhere, and as convenient. Fortunately, within Euroa, convenient is an old-fashioned countrypub with more quirks than an off-spin bowler. The interiors show signs of renovation at different times, but along with the assorted sporting memorabilia from the 1960s, the bones, the Tom Roberts prints, the chairs from the 1920s, the basket of lemons, the old pool table, and everything else besides, it is clear that renovations don't necessarily mean change. The pub itself is huge, two front bars, a side room, a restaurant out the back and apparently a beer garden. Enough surely for all of Euroa if required.

The patrons are unsuprisingly, and necessarily locals, some of whom rolled in well after meals were finished to cajole their way into some fish. It was all very friendly as they bantered away. What was suprising was the beers on offer. You'd expect the place to be strictly Carlton, but Belgian beer has permeated much further than a few inner suburban places nowadays. The food on offer was good pub fare, but cooked outstandingly well. I had the fish and chips, that along with other meals came with a side salad to leave more room on the plate. A much better option than the McDonalds at Glenrowan.

The short: For travellers and locals.

Next week: Still away...

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