Somewhat belated
Russell Degnan

Now that various commitments are behind me, I've found my way to Canberra, and this gentleman's couch. Next week I'll be in Sydney on the couch of a non-blogger (luddite). Till then blogging will be either light or heavy, depending on circumstance.

Notes (mostly art-related) from the trip up:

- A microsleep will kill you, but a powernap save lives.

- Dark roads with lots of gnarled, over-hanging, gum-trees and not much else are very Bill Henson.

- The heavy rains through north-east Victoria have caused a rare outbreak of green in the gum trees as they store up water. Very John Glover.

- It is amazing how quickly the roads deteriorate once you enter New South Wales. And how much better they get when you start pointing the car towards our nation's capital.

- The Kosciuszko National Park's attempts to stop rocks from falling on visitors through the widespread use of chicken wire are very Christo.

- Dark clouds, a little mist and some dead burnt out trees made the trip out of Thredbo somewhat eerie.

- There was an equally cool view of rain coming out of the mountains across Lake Jindabyne. Unfortunately, no lookout, and no photo.

Days Spent Away 2nd December, 2005 17:27:31   [#] 


Looks chilly
I can just imagine a spooky muppet popping out from among the bushes.
BridgeGirl  5th December, 2005 12:45:44  

Somewhat belated
Who's John Glover? Not the actor?
Tony.T  13th December, 2005 19:38:21  

John Glover
Glover is an English artst who spen the end of his life in Tasmania and made some of the first paintings of the Australian landscape. He never really adjusted to Australian light or flora though, so his trees tend to be greener and leafier than we would recognise them to be (unless it has rained a lot).
Russ  14th December, 2005 13:40:42  

Somewhat belated
Ugh! Me philisteen.
Tony.T  14th December, 2005 13:49:22