Monday Melbourne: CII, December 2005
Russell Degnan

I love Boxing Day, it brings out the best in Australian culture: drunk bogans in wife-beaters skulling beer, leering on and cheering lascivious women, and hurling abuse at the players, authority figures and each other.

Melbourne Town 29th December, 2005 01:02:16   [#] 


Ponsford Stand, huh?
I think I was parked pretty close to you going by the look of that photo. I spent the second day perched high in the Members which is just the best place to watch from.
Scott Wickstein  5th January, 2006 21:14:06  

No, Great Southern
In Bay 11 to be exact, opposite from the players race. You can't really see anything from there, but the crowd is entertaining.

I like the new stand a lot. Particularly the partial shading on the roof which I sat under on day five. It turned a ridiculously hot day into a fairly pleasant one.
Russ  6th January, 2006 07:28:59