The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
Maitz Hotel
Russell Degnan

519 Spencer St West Melbourne
(Corner Stanley and Spencer Street

To walk into the front-bar of the Maitz - formerly the Royal Mail - is to step back in time. It is thoroughly unreconstructed, if not a little intimidating to a trio of inner-suburbanites unaccustomed to pubs full of genuine locals. Step out the back though, and there is an extensive, comfortable dining area and more modern back bar. The more popular seats open out into the street; albeit a busy and rather unpleasant Spencer Street rather than something nice.

Dining appears to be the main selling point here. Except for a few more elaborate meals - such as the roo - dinners are $10 or under all week, and there was a reasonable crowd in by the time we had started eating. The meals are certainly well presented, indicating an aim to be above the average pub fair, but my pie probably looked tastier than it was. Nice, but a bit bland. It is very good value though, and worth a visit.

The short: For a reasonable meal at a good price

Next week: McMahon's Hotel (Corner Hawke and Spencer Street)

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