The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
McMahon`s Hotel
Russell Degnan

575 Spencer St West Melbourne
(Corner Hawke and Spencer Street)

McMahon's has much to recommend it, but the meals are probably not one of those things. As a backpackers, it has a different clientele to other establishments in the area. Nevertheless, with several pool tables, a tv, assorted couches, a fake trunk bar, and a lively atmosphere, it is worth a visit if you want someplace different for a drink. The staff are outstandingly friendly, and chat amiably with the many young, foreign, customers perched on the bar.

However, they don't as such, do meals. The advertised kitchen is off site, and they order a selection of pasta and pizzas in for anyone who asks. While this doesn't sound fantastic, they do put it on a plate, and if they hadn't have told us -- and if we hadn't have seen the bloke walk in with the food -- we might have merely been dissapointed at the blandness of it all. However, it is cheap, it is hearty, and it is tasty enough for a worthwhile visit

The short: For a place to stay, drink, or meet people.

Next week: Railway Hotel (Corner Ireland and Stawell Street)

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