She Will Have Her Way - Various Artists
Russell Degnan

One of the more interesting aspects of the Hottest 100 countdown last week was the placing of no less than four covers of Australian songs. The Herd's cover of I Was Only 19 was the best of them, but two others are featured on the album beign reviewed here: Stuff and Nonsense by Missy Higgins and Six Months in a Leaky Boat by Little Birdy. Like the compilation of Paul Kelly songs, Women at the Well, She Will Have Her Way is a collection of songs sung by female artists, this time covering the works of Neil and Tim Finn.

By necessity, these sorts of things are generally uneven, the amazing mixed up with versions little different to the original, or agonising hatchet jobs. Perhaps fortunately -- or perhaps not -- it is more of the former than the latter. Thus, while lacking in originality, it is a very pleasant listen from start to finish, punctuated by a few really good efforts. The most interesting change were those that stripped down the tune completely, even removing the guitar riff that made the song what it was; notably, Sarah Blasko's Don't Dream It's Over and New Bufallo's Four Seasons in One Day. Definitely worth a listen if you are either a fan of the Finn's or the ladies in question.

Track Highlights
Fall At Your Feet - Clare Bowditch - The opening guitar riff and bouncing rythym have been removed from the start. Brave, but it works.
Stuff and Nonsense - Missy Higgins - Not as good as the Eddie Vedder live version, but such a stunning song, done well.
Six Months in a Leaky Boat - Little Birdy - A straight up and down cover, but also a great song, taking advantage of Katy Steele's voice.
Not the Girl You Think You Are - Holly Throsby - Less dreamy than the original, stripped to just the guitar, and beautifully sung.
Don't Dream It's Over - Sarah Blasko - Hard to believe you can do this song without the guitar riff, but she does, and her vocals and the harmonies at the end carries it.
Four Seasons In One Day - New Buffalo - The most interesting change to a tune. Doesn't always work, and the ah-ing gets annoying, but effort should be applauded.

Finer Things 29th January, 2006 12:08:53   [#] 


Not the Girl You Think You Are
My favorite songs from this album are 'Not the Girl You Think You Are' and 'Charlie.' The Finns are great song-writers.
BridgeGirl  31st January, 2006 11:29:48