Monday Melbourne: CVII, January 2006
Russell Degnan

After Australia Day, does summer wane. January 2006

Melbourne Town 30th January, 2006 19:13:35   [#] 


Monday Melbourne: CVII, January 2006
When ARE they going to finish that monstrosity, anyway? I used to work just down the road from it, and I left there err May 2001. They were digging a hole in the ground then, so its been five years... what's the go?
Scott Wickstein  4th February, 2006 16:39:19  

Monday Melbourne: CVII, January 2006
It is a bit like the death star in RoJ. Fully operational but not finished. People are living in it, and there are businesses at the bottom. Lookng at their website there seems to be a little bit more of the top 10 floors on the exterior, and about 40 floors of interior fittings to go. The Grollos never seem to be in too much of a hurry. QV has been open for three years and it still has bollards here and there.
Russ  5th February, 2006 11:45:01  

Monday Melbourne: CVII, January 2006
The death star! heh.
Scott Wickstein  5th February, 2006 12:44:41