The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
Railway Hotel
Russell Degnan

118 Ireland St West Melbourne
(Corner Ireland and Stawell Street)

Like the railway station it overlooks, the Railway Hotel is hidden down the bottom of a hill, far from the centre of North Melbourne, and for that matter, anything else. A majestic four storey building, the interior has a long U-shaped bar crowding out the whole room, with just a few tables but dozens of bar stools to perch on. There is a bistro out the back, and a bed and breakfast above, with a couple of backpackers working the bar. They'll learn a lot about Australia working there, as it has a fantastic atmosphere. A dozen or more regulars sit joking at the top of the bar, and several others here and there as well. Well worth the trip to find it if you are after a pleasant drink.

The food is inexpensive, but standard pub fare. I went for the veal parma: tasty, slightly chewy as you'd expect for veal, with a good sauce and hefty amount of cheese; the chips were passable and the vegetables -- and could I say, I do like vegies with a parma, instead of salad -- boiled but edible. A word of warning: unike most pubs the kitchen closes at 7:30 on a Tuesday, although they were serving food well after that on account of the number of orders. Nice place though.

The short: For railway workers and walkers.

Next week: Hotel Oz (Dryburgh Street, north of Queensberry)

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