The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
The Royal Standard
Russell Degnan

333 William St, West Melbourne
(Corner Walsh and William Street)

The Royal Standard is a classy looking pub. Long wooden bar, with a front area, and a smaller backbar and adjoining dining room. it probably fits quite a few people but is always quiet when I go in, with an elderly bartender serving you in a traditional style. It only has one problem. It doesn't serve meals on Tuesdays. It serves the, on Saturdays and Thursdays. For we intrepid pub crawlers, it took a special effort to find our way to its quiet location north of Flagstaff gardens amongst the quiet terrace houses that have been converted to business use (probably the main reason it generally only serves lunch).

The staff are also older, and wait on you in a manner more closely resembling a laid-back restaurant than a pub. There are only a few tables, and a few customers, so it is all very relaxed. Amongst the many choices I chose the pie, which had some very fine pastry, peas, and the solid chunky center (once I found it) you'd expect. Pretty good meal, at pretty standard prices. The Royal Standard has a Brigadoon character about it, but like the village it is worth visiting when you can.

The Short: For families, and people not around on Tuesdays

Next Week: The Hotel Oz (Corner Dryburgh and Queensberry Street)

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