An observation
Russell Degnan

This morning I was laying on my bed, looking at my bookcases, when I realised something. If I placed a drop on Perspectives of the World, the cascade backwards through Fernand Braudel's three volume Civilisation and Capitalism series; would break the slender Rice Economies to the right; and then Against the Gods to the left.

They would in turn break the Ascent of Science and Godel, Escher, Bach on the shelf below, simultaneously taking out The Ascent of Man and on the upward trajectory combine with the original shelf to make mince-meat of the historiography shelf towards the center of the bookcase, and probably the architecture and urban design shelf of thick books such as Death and Life of Great American Cities, the Grammar of Architecture and Spiro Kostof's The City Shaped/Assembled.

It was a very satisfying thought.

Then I realised I've got to stop playing that stupid splashing game.

Frivolous Pastimes 14th February, 2006 19:33:20   [#] 


I like this post - looks very cool. Can't wait to fill my new bookcases and photograph them to put on my blog!
BridgeGirl  15th February, 2006 08:44:55  

Hahah, so true Russ. So true.

I cleared 31 by the way - happy days.
Ben  18th February, 2006 16:39:35