The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
Hotel Oz
Russell Degnan

177 Dryburgh St North Melbourne
(Corner Dryburgh and Queensberry Street)

North Melbourne is a much bigger suburb than the cafe dwelling, tree-lined streets on the eastern edge. On the far western side, just before the terrain falls away to the Moonee Ponds creek; where industrial buildings and their shiny new apartment conversions prevail lies the Hotel Oz. I had no idea what to expect from the Oz, because it is so far out of my way I'd never seen it, merely trusting an old internet review that they did meals, and common sense that they'd be doing them at 8pm. Both presumptions were confirmed, because they finish serving meals at 8:30.

This is an atypical inner city pub, with decor more typical of the outer east, and like those including a small selection of poker machines to wile away your time and pension cheque. The single petioned room is open and large; with a central bar, a bistro at the back, the aforementioned pokies at the front, and a lounge area with a pool table and big screen tv to watch Australia's pummeling on Sri Lanka on.

The meals are mid-priced and there is a reasonable choice, plus a cheaper, smaller, bar selection if you smile at the bar staff in a friendly manner. I went with the chicken kiev with vegies. The kiev is a fickle meal, promising much, but occasionally leaking away to leave a bit of heavily buttered chicken, and oil on your plate, when I'd much rather clog my arteries with it. This was the case here, and so while it was a decent meal, in the context of a dozen or more previous contenders it was below par. A friendly pub, but not my kind of place.

The short: For gambling junkies and happy suburbanites

Next week: North Star (corner Abbotsford and Provost Street)

Melbourne Town 19th February, 2006 22:30:42   [#] 


Avoid the corn beef
The corn beef was gross!
BridgeGirl  21st February, 2006 08:54:31