Monday Melbourne: CXI, February 2006
Russell Degnan

Tropfest patrons departing. St. Kilda Road. Taken February 2006

Melbourne Town 27th February, 2006 16:36:56   [#] 


Green light
The green light is fantastic.

Were there any good films at Tropfest?
Can you send in for free copies of the films in the Age for free? Rob said there was no mention of this in the paper today. Did they say anything on the night?
BridgeGirl  27th February, 2006 17:13:01  

Free films
They said free in the Age on Saturday.

The standard was better, and the films more professional than last year. 4 good, 3 bad, the rest middling. You can watch them and guess which ones I am referring to.
Russ  27th February, 2006 18:42:55  

Guessing game
I will obtain a copy from the Saturday Age (my favorite paper of the week) and guess which ones you are referring to.

It usually takes a couple of months (thinking of last year).

I will have to have a short film evening, because I never feel like watching them by myself. I have just flicked through last year's films.
BridgeGirl  1st March, 2006 08:37:18