Yesyesyesyesyes - The Boat People
Russell Degnan

Buying albums on the basis of one song is always a dicey business. For every Mylo there is an Oleander [1]. But Unsettle My Heart is, without question, one of the best songs of last year. More dandy than the Dandy Warhols, nice guitar riff, superb chorus, synths and a running length of 2:42. This is what a pop song should sound like.

The rest of the album is not at all like that. Boat People are, for the most part, more like Augie March, except more upbeat, or Rhubarb, but more complex. The only other song that really nails it as a single is Tell Someone Who Cares. Otherwise it is a mix of cool melodies and a lot of randomness, that is good at times, and I'm not quite sure what at others. If the Boat People wanted to, they could probably create the best pop album Australia has ever produced; the good stuff is that good. But this album has too many witty interludes, clever bridges, and discordant syncopation to be that. An excellent album, but too intelligent -- or possibly too impressed by itself -- to be great.

[1] who? exactly!

Track Highlights
Unsettle My Heart - I wasn't kidding. This is an incredible song. That it didn't even make the hottest 100 is a national disgrace.
Irony - A fast, haphazard, mix of guitar scales, synths and vocal melodies. Clever.
Tell Someone Who Cares - A good pop song with an excellent chorus. The odd bit towards the end doesn't really work, but no matter.
If We Hadn't Got Together - A slower song, not dissimilar to A Day in the Life, but less coherent.
Central Station - The song that seems to best pull together the different themes they are always bringing in. A complex mix of piano and guitar that works well.

Finer Things 27th February, 2006 23:55:25   [#] 


Good soul
The Boat People seem to start songs well and then ruin them. The only song I really liked was 'She's A Good Soul,' but the second half is a little disappointing.

Perhaps I am missing something.
BridgeGirl  27th March, 2006 08:08:50