The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
Public Bar
Russell Degnan

238 Victoria St North Melbourne
(Corner Victoria and O'Connell Street)

At first, and even perhaps, at second and third, glance, the public bar looks a terribly seedy venue. The new outside tables aside, the interior is old and looks it. The wallpaper in the very red, cozy, but strangely uncomfortable backroom is so old noone knows where to find it; the tables and chairs in the front bar are of the same vintage; and the couches might have been taken off a street corner they are in such bad nick.

But it has many charms: the arty head over the front door; the live bands several nights a week; the open windows that let you watch the street; the late opening hours; the backpackers above that gives the crowd a certain liveliness; the pool table and on Tuesdays, the poker games on the pool table; the strong and steady patronage at all times of the day or night; and the fact that it may well be the only remaining pub in Melbourne that serves dollar pots (Mondays with an entry fee).

And food, which while not available for a period last year, is back. The fare is standard pub grub, with an emphasis on snacks, but at a good price, and suprisingly good. I went with the fish and chips, nicely battered, it came with a lemon and with tartar sauce, salad, and thin, well cooked chips. The staff are outstandingly friendly as well, so it is well worth stopping in, not least because it has such a convenient location at the top end of the city.

The short: For drunkards, miscreants and people after a good night out.

Next week: North Star (corner Abbotsford and Provost Street) (if it exists)

Melbourne Town 6th March, 2006 00:03:44   [#] 


The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
Public Bar

The address is there - but not the name.

What is this place called?
Bruce  10th March, 2006 11:15:27  

The Gastronomic Pub Crawl of North Melbourne:
Public Bar

Bah! Too many young people.
Tony.T  10th March, 2006 19:55:15  

The Public Bar
No, it is called "The Public Bar". And Tony is right, it is full of young people, but still deluding myself into believing I'm young I like it. I'll get around to some photos soon.
Russ  11th March, 2006 08:25:25