Kitchen Tea Thankyou - Minimum Chips
Russell Degnan

It is somewhat suprising that a band of this quality can be around for ten years and only be releasing its first full-length LP, but somehow Minimum Chips have managed it. Needless to say they aren't a mainstream band. Prior to this album, the two songs I'd heard were the maundering Friends and Niccone; the latter because as the background music to the ACMI/NGV 2004 exhibition I heard it (and loved it) a lazy forty times in a week. [1]

Their album, helpfully found in its entirety on their website, has no songs quite that good, but is a dreamy, pleasant listen nonetheless. Marked by the consistently high and long notes of Nicole Thibault and the even longer organ playing, Minimum Chips are a band apart from most others. Their music conjures up images of couples relaxing near rivers, or in medieval city streets, filling in for dialog in movies where the writers know better than to try. Despite the shortness of most songs, Minimum Chips have no pretensions of radio airplay (RRR excepted), and as such, there are no songs that really standout. But you won't regret a listen. Defintely worth the time it takes to download their back catalogue off their website.

[1] For those wondering, Friends and Niccone can be found on the SBS Whatever Sessions I and II

Track Highlights
Marble Arch Funky, syncopated combination of guitar, organ and singing to create a neat package.
Nic Nax Slowly, slowly, grows on your consciousness. Increasing the beat and depth till you drown in it.
Treats The longest song by far. A fascinating mix of jazz-inspired percussion, synths, organ and guitar.
Goodbye Great upbeat tune that sounds like the musical interlude of a Doors song, without the belted out chorus to bookend it.

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Kitchen Tea Thankyou
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