Addicted Romantic - Faker
Russell Degnan

The list your influences on song-writer Nathan Hudson's bio is a pretty neat summary of where Faker come from: the Cure, Blur, the Pixies, the Psychedelic Furs, and Echo and the Bunnymen. They are a band in the best of pop-rock traditions, combining hard and fast beats with choruses that could make any crowd jump and down like right idiots.

Unusually, but perhaps not suprisingly, they aren't a band in the Australian tradition; Hudson's accent while singing could pass for somewhere in London, while the subject matter is pessimistic and tinged with darkness. Not always though; the filmclip to Hurricane is set in the State Library, and several of the songs are more reminiscent of Rhubarb -- pub, rather than pop rock. Unfortunately they are also the weakest songs on the album, being fairly messy and lacking the kind of bite of the best bits.

This isn't a classic album, but it is pretty good, with several standout songs -- especially in the second half -- and a lot of energy.

Track Highlights
Bodies - Two strong chords, drums, and then a guitar solo, to start the album. Very like Placebo at their best.
Quarter to Three - A bit depressing, but otherwise excellent song, with lots to recommend it.
Seizures - Their most complex effort. Also depressing, but everyone sang like this in the mid-90s, so it takes me back.
Hurricane - This song rocks. The best song on the album for the simple reason that the chorus goes off.
Familiar - Another cool chorus. Simple, but pop is simple, and they do it well

Finer Things 27th March, 2006 19:21:21   [#] 


Faker - Corner Hotel (31st March)
They are playing the Corner Hotel this Friday (the 31st). I could be tempted along -- their music is perfect to hear live. If anyone is interested in accompaniment. Drop a comment.
Russ  27th March, 2006 19:22:29