Monday Melbourne: CXXI, May 2006
Russell Degnan

Melbourne is normally too warm in early Autumn for colour. This year: not brilliant, but not bad. Taken May 2006

Melbourne Town 9th May, 2006 00:13:11   [#] 


Colours of Melbourne

I am thoroughly enjoying the colours of the autumn leaves in Melbourne. It's a glorious time of year (despite the cold wind).
BridgeGirl  9th May, 2006 09:13:23  

Monday Melbourne: CXXI, May 2006
I think you're right bg. I got home this evening, the rain dripping off evey part of me, went to my blog to see what spammer had infected it today, and instead thought: wow, that's a damn good photo.

Sure, I played with the saturation so much the Exhibition Building went a bit blue, but still.
Russ  9th May, 2006 21:28:38