Monday Melbourne: CXXIII, May 2006
Russell Degnan

Continuing the theme -- the Fitzroy Gardens. Taken May 2006

Melbourne Town 23rd May, 2006 01:15:06   [#] 


One of my favorite paths
I have walked this path many times over the years. It was on my route from West to East Melbourne. It's one of my favorite paths. The trees are so beautiful.
BridgeGirl  23rd May, 2006 10:06:50  

Monday Melbourne: CXXIII, May 2006
It is all in the curve I think. Like Regent Street, except without the double decker buses, people, buildings, and over-valued monopoly property.
Russ  23rd May, 2006 15:03:46  

My Mum is a big fan of curves - she doesn't like straight lines in nature, which means that she refused to create a hedge in our garden.

I am a big fan of the defined garden (think Paul Bangay) and hedges. I like curves too and meandering through the gardens, but a straight hedge is a wonderful thing.
BridgeGirl  23rd May, 2006 16:52:50  

Staight hedges..
are great only if they are really long or lead somewhere (like in a hedge maze). Otherwise I'd rather a curved hedge I think.
Russ  23rd May, 2006 21:18:58  

Monday Melbourne: CXXIII, May 2006
Lovely picture! Just thought I'd comment and tell you that my mother says that your creations are the best truffles she's ever eaten, and likewise the shortbread. We're enjoying them muchly at our house! Keep up the good culinary work, Russ.
Alex  26th May, 2006 19:38:14  

Monday Melbourne: CXXIII, May 2006
thankyou Alex. I was, coincidentally, if not particularly modestly, just saying the same thing to my housemate; you having received the smaller part of the batch. They are pretty simple to make though. I'll give you the recipe if you'd like?
Russ  26th May, 2006 22:14:06  

Monday Melbourne: CXXIII, May 2006
Dude... I don't cook/bake/whatever... I set things on fire just by walking near a kitchen. But my mum might like it, so email me, kiddo! Thanks muchly. Catch ya.
Alex  29th May, 2006 14:22:41