Melbourne Grogblogging - June 16th
Russell Degnan

And so it has come to this. Certain shady figures from the Melbourne blogging underworld are trying to gain some legitimacy. Come, drink, be awkward amongst people whose blogs you've kind of heard of but not read, and...

Meet the pillars of the Melbourne blogging community *

Friday June 16th, 6:30ish
Lincoln Hotel
(cnr Queensberry and Cardigan St.)

Meals are available at the pub and are generally good.

The Lincoln closes around 11pm, but plans are afoot to stay out later. If you plan to turn up very late, drop me an email or comment and I'll give you contact details.

* Actual pillars may be less impressive than pictured.

Passing Fancy 30th May, 2006 12:09:57   [#] 


Melbourne Grogblogging - June 16th
If I am not in town that night I'll come.
Harry Clarke  1st June, 2006 13:32:44  

Melbourne Grogblogging - June 16th
Planning on coming. We'll see how the plan holds up.
Bruce  1st June, 2006 20:18:25  

Melbourne Grogblogging - June 16th
Harry, Bruce. Good to hear.

Also, for Harry, and any others new to the whole grogblog thing. Look for people who look vaguely similar to the ones in these pictures.
Russ  1st June, 2006 23:19:19  

Melbourne Grogblogging - June 16th
Yo! Will be there. I promise. As you know, I never miss an opportunity* to try to get pillar cred. Or big cheese cred, for that matter.

* - Except for all those opportunities I missed.
Alex  2nd June, 2006 00:27:20  

Melbourne Grogblogging - June 16th
excellent Alex. I can add you to my list of shady figures if you'd like?
Russ  2nd June, 2006 22:00:47  

Melbourne Grogblogging - June 16th
AIming to trot along, will also post a link for my 10 or so daily readers!
The Daddy  3rd June, 2006 17:16:25  

Melbourne Grogblogging - June 16th
Darlingheart, do whatever pleases you. However, you seem to be downplaying your own role as a key organiser in this event, if I may say.

Thanks for the recipes, by the bye.
Alex  3rd June, 2006 17:18:18  

Melbourne Grogblogging - June 16th
But such loyal readers The Daddy; willing to chase you on your nomadic jaunt from blog to blog.

Alex, down-playing, shifting blame, call it what you will. You are most welcome to the recipes; if you can decipher the cooking instructions so much the better. I tried truffles with absinthe and coated in cinammon sugar today. I highly recommend.
Russ  4th June, 2006 03:12:55  

Melbourne Grogblogging - June 16th
I shall come along too - my first ever grog blog. I look forward to popping this cherry.
Erica  4th June, 2006 23:16:23  

Melbourne Grogblogging - June 16th
I look forward to seeing you do that Erica.

*Must remember to bring camera
Bruce  5th June, 2006 17:01:59  

Grog Blog Invite
I plan on popping my grogblog cherry as well.... photographic evidence will be welcomed Bruce.!
Cath  6th June, 2006 13:36:32